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GOLF TEES by Erik J. Barzeski

"The Zero Friction golf tee may be the best of the "alternative" golf tees around. You just can't break these things!" Read More...

"We found that the Zero Friction tees outperformed the traditional wooden tee by tighter dispersion and increased distance." Read More... by Don Fisher

"I can tell you, you will gain some yardage, and your drives will be straighter." Read More... by Tony Korologos

"Who couldn’t use a tee which gives you a few extra percentage points of distance an accuracy over your opponent(s)?" Read More...


Zero Friction packs three Zero Friction tees in every sleeve. We also like how far they fly, not to mention the consumer-friendly price. They’re very durable, too. Read More... by Jason K.

I would put this ball up against any other distance ball in the market today with the same price point and I would be very surprised if there is something that out performs it. Read More...

GOLF CLUBS | All the Cool Stuff Surrounding Golf

"Enter the Zero Friction Advantage Driver ($199) which offers 460ccs of Titanium at a reasonable cost. Two-hundred bucks used to buy a lot of golf clubs but ..." Read More... | 2012 Buyer's Guide Drivers

"Key Feature: Oversized alpha-titanium body combined with a beta-titanium face. This unique ZFAdvantage Driver also features a tungsten-copper weight placed at the back of the sole helping..." Read More... | Equipment Review: Zero Friction Driver, Fairway Metal, Hybrid

"The name Zero Friction is by now synonymous with three-pronged golf tees. I’ve played the original Zero Friction tee for six years and rave about its trio of offerings: less friction, more distance and added accuracy.

Jumping from tees to golf clubs..."