Turf Tees

Introducing our New TurfTee from Zero Friction on Vimeo.

Zero Friction does it again with the Introduction of the newest and latest innovation within the golf tee category. Zero Friction™ is responsible for establishing the performance tee market and bringing to light the importance the tee plays in the game of golf. In 2005, the Zero Friction™ Performance Tee was introduced, making us the first in the industry to make the rarely thought of golf tee an important aspect of the game. What sets our tees apart is our unique invention of a 3-prong and 4-prong patented design that significantly reduces the contact area between the tee and ball by 66%, leading to longer, straighter drives. The TurfTee is the perfect balance of a performance tee with a much needed divot tool on the end. They are perfect for repairing the green and cleaning the grooves of clubs. Each pack comes with 30 tees and a carrying pouch. Available in both 3-prong and traditional cup styles. <