Zero Friction Work Gloves

Zero Friction™ was founded in 2005, with the primary goal of offering high-quality, high-performance products with innovative technological advancements. One of our most successful and unique product introductions is the “Universal Fit” glove. With our universal compression-fit technology, we have taken the guesswork out of finding the right size glove. Our “one size”, compression-fit gloves are designed to stretch and mold to each person’s individual hand for the perfect fit. Zero Friction is the only company to offer this patented, “one size” technology in several colors and styles, which eliminates the guesswork of size for the consumer and helps retailers by limiting the number of SKU’s.

In 2019, Zero Friction took this same universal-fit technology into the work glove category. Our work gloves are engineered with great thought to provide a comfortable fit, breathability, with maximum durability. Zero Friction work gloves come in a variety of colors, materials and dexterity as shown in the glove chart below.